Dealing with Toddler Tantrums

Are you worried about the growing tantrums of your toddler? Though tantrums are part of the growing stage of children, some toddlers show greater rage, anger, and irritability than others. Tantrums can be triggered by physical comfort, emotional and psychological stress or overload and can also be undertaken as a mode of attention seeking. It is often accompanied by the growing shrieks, screams and even kicking by the child which can put any parent in a state of frustration. However, as a parent you need to think practically and intelligently and by following some given steps, you can help in reducing the intensity as well as frequency of such tantrums.

The first and foremost requirement o prevent tantrums in children is by spending time with them so that they don’s feel bored, neglected or helpless. These are the primary triggers which throw the child into tantrums and all these triggers can be easily avoided by your simple effort of giving your children some quality time. This helps in making them feel loved and cared for thereby preventing emotional upheavals. Recognizing and praising toddlers for their good deeds is a good way of preventing tantrums but one should ensure that one does not over praise the child as that would make him eager for such kind of appreciation every time even if he does not deserve it. It is needless to say that every parent shower extreme love on their child but along with love and affection, you should ensure that you teach your child proper disciplinary morals and behavior from the starting itself so that he doesn’t transgress his boundaries. Being firm is essential to ensure that your child does not get into the habit of getting his way done through constant throwing of tantrums.

A child becomes uncontrollable when he is throwing tantrums and if the child is not harming himself or others, one should try to ignore him. This is because giving him attention during the time when he is showing tantrums would only lead to aggravating of the problem. Similarly, one should be firm in one’s rules and should not give in to the child’s demands. If you give in once, the child would adopt tantrums as an effective tool to get his demands fulfilled. Tantrums are a temporary phase of life and most of the children easily outgrow this problem without any medical help. It is a natural phenomenon and one should just follow the given steps to prevent as well as cope up with such behavior.

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