Dark Chocolate can be Healthy

Women are generally known to love chocolates and now there’s good news for them. It has been found out that dark chocolates can have a healthy effect on one’s body as they contain anti-oxidants which can help prevent heart diseases and muscular degeneration.

Dark chocolates have higher cocoa content and antioxidants than milk or white chocolate and hence one should always go in for dark chocolates as the white ones cannot make any health claims.

Dark chocolates contain in them cocoa flavonoids which has a range of beneficial effect on the blood and circulatory system of the body. It helps in decreasing blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing the ‘bad’ cholesterol thereby helping to keep heart diseases at bay. In addition, they cut the risk of dangerous blood clots and relax the blood vessel which in turn stimulates the flow of blood throughout the body.

In addition to keeping one’s heart healthy, chocolates also stimulate endorphin production which provides a feeling of pleasure. It also contains serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant. Chocolates contain a chemical, Phenyl ethylamine (PEA), which reproduces the feeling which one has when one falls in love.

Chocolates then may help soothe a broken heart. Another study in the US has found that dark chocolate may also ward off age-related muscular degeneration which is the most common cause of blindness in the elderly.

It has also been found that some of the fats in chocolates do not impact one’s cholesterol. Oleic acid, found in chocolates, is a healthy monounsaturated fat which is also found in olive oil. The only fat which is harmful for one’s health is palmitic acid which constitutes only 1/3 of the fat contained in dark chocolate. However, this information doesn’t imply that one eats a pound of chocolate a day as chocolate still remains a high calorie and a high fat food.

The next time one eats a chocolate, one can eat it with an assurance of its health benefit. However, always remember, if health is the main issue, then one should always remember the two keywords-“dark” and “moderate” as only dark chocolates have health benefits attached with them and they too should be taken in moderate quantities.

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