Dangers of Energy Drinks

A beautiful advertisement promising numerous benefits often attracts many to the consumption of energy drinks. While such drinks do contain energy providing elements, the problem lies with certain constituents in them which can lead to health problems over a period of time. Caffeine is one such component which is present in almost every energy drink and whose regular consumption can pose numerous health hazards. One should thus not go by the cover and advertisements of such drinks and should look at the inherent ingredients in them to rule out the risk factors. Natural fruit made juices are a far better choice than the carbonated energy drinks due to the formers safe and natural ingredients.

Many energy drinks consumers complain about the immediate high followed by a crash effect of these drinks. This is the same as using any sugar or caffeine-based product which provides an immediate high of energy for a short period of time as it is immediately accompanied by a fizzing of all energy leading to a person feeling low and tired. Moreover, such drinks can also have an addictive effect on one’s body as certain constituents present in it, like guarana, affect the Central Nervous System of one’s body. Apart from caffeine, another important element in all these drinks is taurine whose excessive intake can lead to the formation of toxins in one’s body.

Nowadays, it has become popular to mix energy drinks with various forms of alcohol. This is like preparing a suicidal drink because according to research, a mixing of a powerful stimulant with a powerful depressant can have deadly effects on one’s body. Thus, one should consume such drinks in only minimal quantity because if taken for a longer period of time, they can harm the overall health of the person. In place of artificially carbonated energy drinks, one can go in for natural and herbal drinks to be on a safer and a healthier side.

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