Cycling for Weight Loss


If you are wondering how you can rid yourself from unwanted pounds, then make cycling your favorite exercise. It is not only an exercise but also a healthy sport activity which entertains as well as keeps you healthy. If you are still not convinced, read below to find out how cycling can aid in weight loss.

Instead of becoming extremely particular and fanatic about counting calories and restricting your diet to a mere meager, just cycle and remain fit. However, this does not warrant indulgence in fried and fatty food. However, the key point here is that cycling is a great way to reduce calories and accelerate your fat burnout. According to science, moderate pace cycling can burn about 500 calories per hour. Additionally, it helps in toning and strengthening the muscles in your legs, arms and bottoms.

Cycling is a great exercise which combines various forms of exercises. It provides aerobic training for the health of your heart and lungs; resistance training for your leg muscles and also helps in toning of the entire body.  Also, since it is a non-weight bearing exercise, it does not put stress on your joints, muscles or tendons.

In addition to help you lose weight and firm and tone up your body, it also helps in enhancing your overall health by preventing heart ailments, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. It also helps in making your more energetic, fit and fresh.

The activity of cycling is a fun activity which can be done indoors as well as outdoors. It allows you to explore the outer world, enjoy the company of friends and also nature and eventually enjoy your exercise while simultaneously yielding its positive benefits. Thus, no more self-denials. Now you can lose weight through the fun activity of cycling.


  • cycling is really nice exercise and it is big big stuff.

  • Mysha

    YES indeed! i was 14 years of age 5″1 and weighed 63kg which was really bad and by doing cycling everyday of the week for 2 hours i lost an incredible 15 kg. Now at 16 years of age I still am 48 kg and i feel great!!!

    So start cycling everyone!
    oh i used a mountain bike.