Curtain Ideas & How To Choose them

choosing curtains

Traditionally, curtains were used for purposes like blocking out excessive light and providing privacy. Now in addition to these practical purposes, curtains are also used for aesthetic reasons.

Curtains enhance the beauty of the rooms and add an amount of elegance to your home. It is therefore important to choose the right curtains to amplify the beauty of your house.

Let us consider two primary aspects of choosing curtains– the length of your curtains and the length and height of the pole you are going to choose to hang your curtains from.

For short and wide windows, you can go for the sill-length curtains. To enhance the width of your window, choose a wide pole, such that the entire curtain can hang well outside the length of the window. B

ut if you prefer to create an illusion of height, then you can replace the sill-length curtains by long curtains and hang them well above the height of your window

For long and narrow windows, enhancing the height by adding floor length curtains adds a touch of elegance. If you have a low ceiling, you can fit the pole well above the window height. This creates an illusion of extra height to your ceiling. If you prefer a wider look, fit a wide pole just above the window in a way so that the curtains can be drawn back wider over the walls.

Arched windows have a look of elegance, all by themselves. Your curtains should be designed to draw attention to the graceful curves, and not hide them. Your pole should be fitted well above the arch. It should be wide enough to make the entire window visible when the curtains are drawn back. Long floor length curtains magnify the beauty of arched windows.

It is not practical to have long flowing curtains in your kitchen. Especially in the case, where the curtains hang over the hot plate, a mild draft can make them reach towards it. Also for curtains above the sink, they make an impractical choice, as they get constantly splashed by water. It is best to keep the kitchen curtains as short as possible. Using blinds instead of curtains will also serve all the purpose.