Cure for hair fall


Are you worried about your hair falling problem? Have you tried everything from costly shampoos to complex hair treatments in beauty centers to cure your hair fall problem, but nothing seems to rescue. Well in that case, doesn’t panic much; just read the article below based on hair fall treatment!

Remember that hair in healthy and normal conditions never fall at an alarming rate. The excess fall occurs only when your hairs are dry, rough and damaged. Remember that Hair conditioning and nourishing are really important to prevent excess hair fall.

Massage plays an important role in controlling hair fall. Effective hair massage invigorates blood circulation, giving your hair an increased supply of nutrition and oxygen which are truly necessary for their proper and healthy growth. Massage also stimulates the dormant hair follicles to grow fresh hair.

You can prepare a hair rejuvenating ointment at your home only by making use of different kitchen stuff. Powder 10 gm of each of lime seeds and black pepper seeds. Make a fine paste of them in plain water or if possible in ginger juice. Now apply this paste on the scalp and leave it on for a couple of hours. Then rinse it out. Massage scalp with your finger tips for five minutes while applying the paste. This paste will work as a great rejuvenator for your dull hair.

For a wonderful oil massage, squeeze the milk out of a coconut, add the juice of a half lime and massage into the scalp. Leave on for 4-6 hours. Then wash with a mild shampoo or a paste made of hibiscus leaves and one tbsp fenugreek seeds.

Make sure to use soft brush with well spaced bristles and timely sanitize your brushes and combs to least once a week.

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