Create A Balance In Your Family And Work To Reduce Stress

Create A Balance In Your Family And Work To Reduce Stress

Create A Balance In Your Family And Work To Reduce Stress Today more and more women are working outside home and the number is increasing by the day. Parents encourage their daughters to make a career and spend an equal amount of time and money on their education as they do for their sons. In India the scenario has completely changed over the years.

Women are holding top most positions in all fields and are proving their worth. So far so good, but when it comes to raising a family, looking after husband and managing the house, the scene is not as rosy as it should be. A woman is still expected to perform household duties efficiently, and make compromises. This mindset has to change.

Balancing family and work is not a child’s play. Women come under immense pressure to maintain this balance and experience emotional as well as physical stress. There are many factors involved in managing work and family and it cannot be achieved single handed. There has to be cooperation from all sides, from the senior members of the family, the spouse and children (if they are old enough to understand).

You can achieve a considerable amount of balance in work and family life by making a plan to manage your affairs smoothly. There cannot be a fixed set of guidelines to suit one and all, you have to set your own guidelines according to your lifestyle, family needs and work schedule.

Set Your Priorities

You must set your priority right by deciding that why you want to work and how much time you want to spend with your family? What kind of work you want to do, is it a full time job or a part time work or you want to work from home?

If you are working to support the family for financial assistance then you will have to take up a full time job. Otherwise the option between part time job and work from home is certainly better to manage work and home. Discuss the issue with your partner to decide.

Outside Support To Manage Your House And Kids

Arrange for a back up support to take care of your home and kids. Employ trained and efficient help from reliable sources. This way you will be able to spend quality time with your family and you will get time to relax. Take the help of your in laws or parents for looking after your kids. They would love to do that, but give them due respect and the place that they deserve in the house.

Make A Schedule

Plan your next day’s chores the previous night to avoid morning hassles. Plan out the breakfast for next morning and what you are going to make for the tiffin for children. Decide and iron the clothes for the next day and organise your office papers and bag the previous night. Ask your husband and kids to do the same to save time in the morning.

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Plan your day while travelling to office. Go through the papers or think what you are going to cook for dinner after returning home. Keep a diary handy in your bag and jot down your plans.

Leave Home At Home When You Are In The Office

Once you have reached office, leave the domestic problems out of it. Your productivity will improve, if you do not let your personal life and professional life interfere with each other and it will certainly help to reduce stress.

Leave Work In The Office

Similarly, once you are home, do not carry your work problems with you. It will hamper with your family life and create unnecessary tension at home. It is a little difficult thing to do but be firm and disconnect with your office as soon as you leave it. Tell your colleagues or subordinates that you will not be available after working hours.

It is not necessary to make a choice between home and work. You can create a balance with patience and support from your family. You can plan family meetings to interact with each other. Make it a point to eat at least one meal together on week days. You will get to know about the day to day happenings in each other lives. Avoid serious discussions; keep the mood light and humorous.

Weekends are family days but you also have your hands full with pending household chores like stacked up laundry, weekly shopping for grocery and vegetables and so many other things. If you do not make a plan, your weekend will be more hectic than your working days.

To avoid such a situation make a list of things to do and involve your husband and kids to share the work .Your husband can help you with the laundry or he can go to the market for shopping. The kids can tidy up the house and help you in the kitchen. Of course, you will have to reward them by cooking their favourite dish or playing their favourite game with them. Your weekends will become fun days.

All these plans cannot be permanent and you should keep a flexible approach. Be ready to make adjustment whenever it is required and try another option. Do not try to be a super woman and think that you can manage it all.It can make you feel guilty which can be very stressful and may affect your performance.

It does not matter if a few things are left undone, if you could not achieve your targets for once or you could not attend a family function. These things happen. In striking a balance between your work and family, do not forget to look after yourself. It is a general trait among women to neglect themselves while taking care of the family and other works.

You should make time for yourself and take out at least 20-30 minutes for light exercise like walking or doing yoga and meditation. It will help to reduce stress and maintain your energy level. Eat a balanced diet to stay fit. A sense of well being will spread positive energy in your home and your family will be a happy family.

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