Tips To Control Your Nagging Side For A Healthy Relationship

Tips To Control Your Nagging Side For A Healthy Relationship

Tips To Control Your Nagging Side For A Healthy Relationship Most Often relationships crumble and disintegrate because the couples fail to give each other the required space. A very crucial factor that keeps a relationship going strong other than love, trust, loyalty and respect is off course one’s individual space.

Most couples fail to realize this and sooner or later problems and issues tend to crop up between them and it can be very unhealthy. Most times a happy relationship turns sour because one partner tends to be very demanding, irritating and nagging. Needless to say in most cases it is the woman who ends up being a highly nagging wife or a girl friend (Not intending to sound sexist).

If you are gripped by fear of causing harm to the relationship or of losing the man you love, because you are just unable to control the nagging side of you, then read on to gather few useful tips to leave behind the nagging woman and to metamorphosize into a perfect dream girl that any man would always prefer and seek.

Read the Signs

Obviously for the sake of being polite, no man will tell his woman that he hates her nagging side or that he wishes to be given his space. Saying it directly will only ensure that he gets a hard time facing his woman hereafter. Be the smart woman and try reading the signs.

If your man tends to be inattentive or irritated when you’re providing solutions too often or asking questions, then be sure you are nagging unintentionally. Try to gather hints or pick up signs by his body language or his behaviour.


Do not just convince or comfort yourself saying that you are not the nagging types or that your man loves your advice because it proves your love and affection for him.

It’s very important to realize and to understand your behaviour because only then you will be able to control and get over it. It is also equally important to convince yourself that this trait of yours needs to be changed in order to protect your relationship.

Give Each other their Space

Realize and accept the fact that your man has a life apart from you. If he needs his space, then give it to him. Always remember that relationships remain healthy when each other have the desired space to grow, to learn and to love as per their convenience.

Once in a while ask him to go out with his pals or to do all that which annoys you, be it a game of football or video games. Once u start giving him his space he will be more loving towards you and it will also prove good for your relationship.

Even if he is late or doesn’t try to contact or return your calls, then give him time to get back as per his convenience. Do not try to be the detective who traces his every move. This will only put him off greatly and also lead him to be secretive or to do things behind your back. To prevent this from occurring, allow him his own space.

Talk it Out

If there is something that displeases you or irritates you greatly then do not go on and on raving and fussing about it. After a point your man will learn to switch off every time you start your complaining and arguments. So save yourself the time and effort and sit together as adults and talk it out.

Explain it to him sensibly as to why you do not like it. Try to be reasonable while stating your claims. Allow him his chance at explaining things to you. Consider both the sides and each other’s points of view and then come to a consensus.

Don’t try the ‘find-out-yourself’ game. If there is something that is bothering you then tell him clearly. If you expect him to guess the reason for your anger, then be sure it’s not going to happen. Women have to accept the fact that men are bad guessers.

So save all the trouble and talk it out.  Be sure you don’t start whiling and fussing as soon as he comes back from work or when he is engrossed in watching a game on the television. This will provide no effective solution.

Control your Anger and the Urge to Nag

Next time you find yourself greatly angered by something your man has done, tell yourself not to react immediately. Just use all your might and walk away, preferably to another room. Sit and relax. Drink water as it calms one down. Now think again and let your anger subside.

Once you have calmed down, you can think better. Then approach him and discuss it and this is sure to bring forth satisfying results. Especially if you have people at home, then don’t ever take out your frustration or anger in front of everyone.

Try to Indulge in your own Interests

At times women tend to be nagging because they might be too much into something in such a way that our expectation rises greatly or it could also be because they are bored of the mundane life. Give yourself a break. Forget about your man and your life together and once in a while indulge in your own interests.

Remember that you are first and foremost an individual and have certain interests and desires. Try to follow them and once you attain inner satisfaction, petty issues which make you nag or argue, will no longer seem huge.

These are some tips that women can use to stop themselves from nagging. Nagging is most certainly one of the reasons that distance a couple. So realize it and act on time. You have to convince yourself to take the necessary efforts. Initially it might seem like a super human task to control your nagging side but eventually you will learn to control it. It is a very negative quality and can cause great harm to a relationship.

Every man wishes a woman who would give him his space and allow him to live life on his terms. Be the smart woman and realize this and allow a certain level of liberty in your relationship. Once your man knows that you trust him enough to let him be on his own, he will learn to keep your trust forever.

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