Constipation and Pregnancy


pregnancyconstipation Constipation is a common problem many people suffer from and this problem is more common during pregnancy. This article will talk about the various causes of constipation during pregnancy and will also provide some helpful tips to overcome this problem.

A woman’s body undergoes various hormonal changes during the pregnancy period. These hormonal changes in turn have an impact on the intestinal movements of the body which in turn often leads to the problem of constipation. In addition, pregnancy leads to relaxation of intestinal muscles and this in turn increases the chances of constipation.

After having looked at the various causes of constipation during pregnancy, let’s look at some simple remedies that can help you deal with the problem of constipation. Preventing and treating constipation requires due attention to one’s diet.

A high fiber diet is extremely beneficial in preventing the problem of constipation. Thus, fruits, vegetables, cereals, and other high fiber diet can help.

Don’t abruptly increase your fiber intake. Increase it slowly; else you might experience abdominal cramps. In addition, it is necessary that you drink plenty of water to keep yourself healthy and prevent the problem of constipation.

As mentioned above, it is important to keep your body hydrated to prevent and naturally treat the problem of constipation. Along with water, you can also increase intake of fresh fruit juices and other fluids. Fruit juices are also beneficial for the overall health and well being of a pregnant woman. In addition, warm water and milk are also beneficial.

Along with proper diet, you also need regular exercise. However, pregnancy is a delicate stage of life and you should follow your doctor’s advice before undertaking any exercise schedule. Also, indulge in mild exercises and do not overstrain yourself.

Follow the above given tips to prevent constipation during pregnancy.


  • Rebecca

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 20 years old married for 3 years. I am having my first pregnancy and its my 8th week. I am vomiting 7 times a a day heavily and have acute constipation. I need your advice to guide me through the process so that I could feel a little better.