Concealer Makeup Tips

There are going to be moments in our lives when we might have to go out on an important outing with facial blemishes and spots. Though treating these blemishes the natural way is the best possible option, that might take some time as it is a slow natural process and not an instant formula. But you have instant blemish hiding formulas. Thus, be aware of some concealer tips too so that you can enjoy every moment of life without any fear of face spots. Given below are such helpful effective blemishes concealing tips.

If you are suffering from acne spots, then you need to apply extra thick cream formulas. Use concealers which match your skin tone so that your face should look as natural as possible without any showing of prominent blemish. First apply a foundation. Next, dab a light layer of concealer over the blemish, blending it just beyond its edges. Then set with loose powder and your blemish of acne will be concealed without recognition. Similarly, you can also effectively conceal your under eye dark cycle. First, you need to dab on eye cream to prevent crinkling. Then, brush on concealer from the bottom of your eye socket up to the lash line. Gently blend with the pad of your index finger. Do not do excessive tugging as that can remove concealer and cause the delicate skin to wrinkle. You need to be extra careful as eyes are sensitive portion of our body. Once the concealer is blended, apply foundation and lock in place with loose face powder. It is always a good idea to use an applicator with small, firm bristles that narrow at the tip for precise application.

Follow the given tips to effectively conceal your blemishes and face spots, whether caused by dark cycles or by acne. Along with learning effective concealing tips, remember to naturally treat these blemishes for a permanent cure.