Common Uses Of Glycerin

Common Uses Of Glycerin

Common Uses Of Glycerin

Glycerin, also known as Glycerol, is a clear and a syrupy liquid which is made by combining water and fat that is derived from vegetable oil. One would often find glycerin being used in the preparation of moisturizers and creams due to its ability to draw moisture towards itself. The uses of glycerin is not limited to cosmetics as it also used in the preparation of various drugs and pharmaceuticals along with being used in the preservation of fruits and in the making of cakes and candies.

Due to its hygroscopic and non-toxic nature, glycerin is used in the preparation of various cosmetics like skin creams and lotions, deodorants, makeup material and is also used in the preparation of mascara and lipsticks. This is because glycerin helps in drawing moisture towards the skin and helps it in remaining hydrated and soft. Glycerin is also used as a topical remedy for yeast and fungal infections, including psoriasis and eczema. It is used to manufacture various drugs for ear infections, anesthetics, for capsules and for cough remedies.

Prevent Yeast And Fungal Infections

Glycerin is a handy household item due to its various benefits. If you have spilled sticky food that is stuck to your freezer, then you can take the help of glycerin as being a natural solvent, it helps in the easy wiping of the unwanted stuff. In addition, glycerin can also be used to prepare a clear soap at home. In addition, glycerin is used to moisten, sweeten and preserve various food items like candies, cakes, meat, cheese and dry food products.


Glycerin has also proved its usefulness in the textile industry where it is used to soften the yard and to lubricate fibers of different kinds. In short, glycerin is a versatile product whose benefit ranges from household chores to industrial uses.


  • is it ok to use glycerin that has skin protectant on the label in a concoction with lemon juice and honey as cough syrup?