Causes Of Waist Pain

Causes Of Waist Pain

Causes Of Waist Pain

Over seventy to eighty percent of people suffer from the problem of waist pain. The main reasons behind the increasing scope of this problem are the erratic lifestyle and desk bound style of working. But if we adopt healthy lifestyle and correct posture than we can easily remain away from waist pain. Even if pain in waist develops then also it can be treated completely by way of appropriate treatment and pain management.

Pain in waist can occur suddenly without any prior warning. Waist pain is of two types. First is acute pain, which occurs instantly, and the second is chronic pain that persist for longer duration.

Acute pain is generally caused by lifting enormous weight or incorrect sleeping posture, which in turn causes strain in the muscles. This type of pain vanishes quickly by applying heat, resting the waist or applying suitable ointment. On the other hand, chronic pain needs to be treated as soon as possible because if not treated it will only increase with age.

Causes & Prevention Of Waist Pain

There are numerous causes of pain in waist. Some of them are wrong posture of walking, sitting or sleeping, obesity, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, menopause, development of gall bladder stone in the body, cervical stroke, spinal tuberculosis, osteoporosis and desktop style of working.

Right Posture of Walking

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Try to improve your posture as it plays a great role in strengthening and proper working of your muscles. Do exercise consistently, especially the ones that make your stomach and waist stronger. Instead of studying on bed, make use of chair and table. Stress is also a major factor in causing pain, so make an attempt to stay away from unnecessary stress.

Yoga For Waist Pain

People who are practising yoga must always take the help of a professional yoga expert as wrong posture can cause tremendous pain in the waist. If you feel pain, then the first and most important thing to do is to take immediate and adequate rest and if the pain continues to trouble you then it is advisable to consult a good doctor. If excess weight is the main cause of your pain then try to reduce it by way of effective weight management.


If the pain still lingers on, do not exercise or undertake any heavy physical activity. Relax your body only in that position in which you are more comfortable. People who don’t have pain but are in a profession which involves desk-job must regularly do walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. Such activities will reduce the probability of occurrence of pain.