Causes of Vaginal Discharge

There is a sense of doubt and question in every woman’s mind regarding vaginal discharge. Every woman faces it in her life. While vaginal discharge is a normal thing, it can depict some underlying infection and problem too. Thus, it is necessary to know about the various causes of vaginal discharge so that one can be rest assured of what is normal and what abnormal.

Having a vaginal discharge does not necessarily imply some trouble. This is because every woman’s body produces certain vaginal secretions, known as vaginal discharge, to keep the vagina in a clean and healthy condition. Thus, vaginal discharge is healthy too. However, there are certain kinds of vaginal discharge that are abnormal in their color and odor and can be an indication of some underlying infection.

A healthy vaginal discharge is clear and non-smelly. The frequency and amount of vaginal discharge tends to increase due to certain factors. These include emotional stress and menstrual cycle in common. That is to say, your body produces more vaginal discharge before the onset of your menstrual cycle and also when your body is under stress- be it emotional or physical. Additionally, other factors like breastfeeding, pregnancy, and sexual excitement can all lead to certain changes in the appearance and amount of vaginal discharge.

Along with the above given conditions, vaginal discharge can also be unhealthy and an indicator of some infection. Vaginal infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses can all lead to vaginal discharge that has some different color (like yellow, brown and other), appearance and odor. An abnormal vaginal discharge can also sometimes be caused by a urinary tract infection and also by certain infections like STD and HIV.

Thus, if you face vaginal discharge that is abnormal in frequency, color or odor, you must consult your doctor.