Causes of Temper Tantrums


tantrumtemper Does your child suddenly burst into fits of anger or does he often throw temper tantrums on people? Many people, children and toddlers in particular, suffer from temper tantrums.

Temper tantrums refer to venting out of feelings of anger and frustration by the child to anyone near him. Children throwing temper tantrums cry, shriek, shout and even pound their legs and hands on the floor.

Such a behavior can make the parent worried and tensed. However, to effectively deal with temper tantrums, you need to be aware of the causes behind it.

The main and most common causes for temper tantrums in children are feelings of frustration, tiredness and hunger. You need to know that since your child cannot effectively communicate his thoughts and feelings through words, he often resorts to these techniques of throwing temper tantrums. If your child is throwing tantrums, then there has to be a reason behind it.

He might be uncomfortable, both physically as well as emotionally. Maybe it’s the clothes he is wearing that are cheesing him or even the social environment or a particular circumstance.

Temper tantrums can be caused by your child if he is hungry. Hunger makes a child become cranky and many children throw temper tantrums to convey their feelings.

Frustration is a major cause of temper tantrums. Your child can be frustrated with boredom, with inability to adjust to present environment and the frustration can also occur due to his inability to understand himself or the world around him.

Along with the above causes, temper tantrums can also be thrown by children as a mode of attaining attention. Also, when your child is tired or feeling sleepy, he might become cranky, shriek, cry and throw tantrums.

To effectively deal with the problem of temper tantrums, you need to understand the cause behind it, and then try to eliminate the cause to eliminate the problem itself.

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