Causes of Swollen Feet


SwollenFeet As the name suggests, swollen feet is a condition characterized by a swelling in the ankle and foot region. Swollen feet can be caused by both external injuries as well as by internal medical problems.

This article will throw light on the various factors that can lead to swollen feet.

Usually swollen feet are a result of excessive fluid deposition in feet and this problem also leads to stiffness, pain and even enlargement of feet.

This in turn can be caused by various factors like sitting or standing for a long time, pregnancy, old age, and drug and laxative abuse amongst others. In addition, when a person is overweight, it leads to swelling in feet.

If you have less blood circulation in your feet, then your ankles can get swollen. Similarly, having certain medicines like birth control pills and steroids can also lead to swelling of legs, ankles, and feet.

Injuries and accidents are a common cause of swollen feet. This is because it has been found that any physical injury to the foot, especially fractures, can lead to inflammation and swelling of the affected area.

Along with the above causes, swollen feet can also be an indication of some underlying medical problem or nutrient deficiency. Heart diseases and problems related with kidney and liver can lead to fluid retention in feet which in turn results in swollen feet. In addition, neuromuscular disorders can also lead to swollen feet.

Having a diet rich in sodium and salt can lead to swollen feet. Thus, after looking at the various causes of swollen feet, it can be said that a healthy and a low salt diet, regular exercise, avoiding prolonged standing or sitting in one position, drinking plenty of water and certain other preventive steps can help in preventing the problem of swollen feet.

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