Causes of Swelling in Legs


swelinglegs There are many of us who suffer from the problem of swellings in our legs, feet and ankles. Medically, this problem of swelling is referred to as edema. There are various factors that can cause swelling in legs and this article will throw light on such causes.

There are many of us who get swellings in our legs after standing or sitting in one position for a long time. Such kind of prolonged sitting or standing can lead to fluid deposition in our legs, leading to swelling.

Many people who travel long distances by air and have their legs hanging downwards for a long time also often complain of leg swellings. This is because long periods of inactivity and immobility of legs can lead to formation of a blood clot which can cause pain and discomfort along with leading to swelling.

You should not take swelling in legs lightly as it can be an indicator of some underlying medical problem. If you find swelling in both your legs, then it probably can be because of some heart related problem.

People with high blood pressure are vulnerable to swelling in their legs and feet. In addition, problems of kidney and liver and other medical problems like thyroid, anemia, and varicose veins can also lead to swelling in legs.

Many pregnant women complain of foot and ankle swellings. This is because pregnancy is a period associated with many hormonal changes in the body and these changes in turn can lead to swelling in legs. In addition, certain medications, especially birth control pills and anti-depressants can also lead to leg swellings.

Massaging your legs, keeping them elevated, and exercising regularly are some ways by which you can naturally treat the problem of leg swellings. In addition, you must try to understand the underlying cause of swellings so as to effectively prevent and treat them.

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  • Sarah

    Great article! I did notice you mentioned massaging which I have heard many times is not good for swelling. Elevation is best, and no hot baths!