Causes of Stammering


stammering You must have come across children and people who stammer. Stammering is a speech disorder in which the person affected is unable to speak properlyand often repeats, prolongs or simply misses certain syllables.

While medical science is in process of finding out the exact cause of stammering, there is no one particular fixed cause that can be linked with this problem. This article will discuss various factors that can be responsible for a person suffering from the problem of stammering or stuttering.

It has been found that stammering can be inherited. Usually children suffer from the problem of stammering especially in their early years. This can be seen as development stuttering, particularly associated with the stage when a child is developing his language and speech skills.

Usually, children outgrow this problem but there are people who stammer and stutter in adulthood too.

People suffering from some speech or language disorder can develop the problem of stammering. In addition, stammering can be a problem that is caused by some neurological problem. A stroke or a brain injury can also lead to this problem.

When a person is tensed, nervous, and stressed, he might start stammering. Also, it is noticed that people who have a stage fright stammer in front of audience.

This, however, is temporary stammering triggered by psychological factors of fear and anxiety. Emotional disturbances can also lead to this problem. In addition, a person with low self esteem and lack of self confidence can also suffer from the problem of stammering.

If a person stammers sometimes, then it is usually triggered off by stress, anxiety, fear or nervousness. However, if you see that your child is stammering for a long time and is unable to easily pick up language and speech skills, then you must a consult a doctor.

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