Causes Of Pale Skin


Does the looking at the rosy and naturally glowing cheeks of your friend’s cheeks make you wonder at the reason behind your pale and lifeless skin? Do you also desire a radiant and glowing skin? Many people suffer from pale skin which is defined as an abnormal loss of color from normal skin, making a person look lack luster and sick. Given below are the various factors which can lead to pale skin.

When we think of pale skin, the first thing which comes to mind is the medical condition of anemia. Anemia is a condition of low number of red blood cells in the body which reduces oxygen supply to the cells leading to weakness and paleness. Nutritional deficiency of iron, folic acid, or vitamin B12 can lead to anemia which in turn can lead to pale skin.

Having a pale skin does not imply having a serious medical problem, unless your paleness extends to your lips, tongue, inside of mouth, and in lining of the eyes. Apart from anemia, blood loss, or an underlying ailment, there are other factors which can lead to a pale and lifeless skin. These include lack of exposure to sun and even frostbite. A person with fair complexion usually seems pale if he lacks the radiance and glow. Also, shock, hypoglycemia, and fainting can lead to decreased blood supply to the skin which in turn makes the skin appear pale.

Along with the above mentioned causes, chronic diseases like cancer can also lead to the affected person’s skin becoming pale. Also, if paleness occurs suddenly and is accompanied by shortness of breath, or unexplained symptoms, then urgent medical attention must be sought for. It is necessary to be aware of the various causes of pale skin so as to take timely action.

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  • sam

    I have pale skin and everyone thinks im sick or have amenia, but when I ask the doctors they say I don’t have it. Whenever I go into the sun and try to get a tan I would get all pink or just sunburnt. Im not sure what to do to put some colour in my face so I don’t look so emoish.

  • alb518

    i too hav pale skin, seems like it changes from olive tone to grayish white…please help me

  • kianna

    why dose your face always turn pale when you get sick??