Causes of Nasal Congestion


There are times when you find your nose and respiratory tract blocked or clogged, making you feel uncomfortable and making it difficult for you to breathe. This problem is termed as nasal congestion when nasal airway gets blocked due to certain reason, be it cold, flu, sinus, or infection. Nasal congestion can occur in people with any age group and there are various children who develop this problem due to varying reasons. Sometimes, in children, this congestion can lead to other serious respiratory problems. Let’s first look in detail about the causes that can lead to nasal congestion.

In people suffering from nasal congestion, there is a swelling of the nasal membrane. When a person gets congested nose, he feels extremely irritated and frustrated as this problem often makes it difficult to breathe and also sometimes, the affected person faces trouble speaking, listening and even sleeping due to the blocked passage.

Common cold and flu are the leading causes of nasal congestion. Additionally, flu, hay fever, sinus and allergies can also lead to nasal congestion. Along with nasal congestion and a blocked nose, you can also experience other symptoms like headaches, watery discharge, sneezing and also itching eyes. Food allergies also lead to the problem of nasal congestion. While you must have heard of various allergic reactions of food, nasal congestion is one of them. Thus, you must be aware of this cause too and keep a check on your eating habits if you tend to suffer frequent problem of nasal congestion after having some particular food.

Along with the above given causes, there are also few others that can lead to nasal congestion. These include certain nasal growths, and allergic reactions to pollen grains and even to specific kinds of smell. Thus, there are various causes of nasal congestion and one can always consult a doctor if the problem becomes frequent or severe.

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