Causes of Low Immunity


lowimunity If you suffer from frequent cold, flu, fever and chronic infections, then you probably are suffering from low immunity. Our immune system is responsible for shielding us from various infections.

However, there are various factors that can lower down our immunity and make us vulnerable to various infections. This article will bring to light some factors that can lower down one’s immunity.

There are various factors that can adversely affect your immune system. For instance, certain lifestyle problems like chronic stress, tension, emotional upheavals, and unhealthy dietary habits can lower your immunity.

Diet is extremely important when it comes to remaining healthy and disease-free. People who don’t eat a well balanced diet hamper their immune system.

This is because a healthy and a nutritious diet help in destroying free radicals that can lower your immune system and lead to serious problems like cancer. You should avoid fatty, oily, and high calorie food items as excessive fat can hamper your immunity.

Age too can lead to low immunity. As a person ages, his immunity tends to go down. In addition, there are also certain medical problems that can adversely affect your immune system.

HIV/AIDS, inflammatory bowel disease, neutropenia, or low stomach acidity are some medical problems that can lead to low immunity. Also, your immunity can decrease if you have undergone a surgery.

The best natural way of boosting your immunity is through diet. Food items like carrots, milk, green tea, nuts, flaxseed, blueberries and vitamin C rich diet can help in naturally increasing the number of antibodies which in turn help in improving your immunity.

In addition, lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce your daily stress levels. Also, exercise regularly and you will be able to boost your immunity naturally and prevent yourself from recurrent infections.

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