Causes of Hyperacidity


hyperacidity If you suffer from heartburns, flatulence, vomiting, loss of appetite, and sudden stomach pain, then you might be suffering from the problem of hyperacidity.

As the name suggests, hyperacidity refers to the medical condition when there is hyper secretion of acid from the stomach. This in turn leads to heartburns and over a period of time, it can also lead to complications like gastric ulcers and chronic indigestion. Given below are some common causes of hyperacidity.

Hyperacidity can be caused by consumption of certain kinds of medications over a long period of time. For example, if you take anti inflammatory drugs for a long time, then there are chances of your developing the problem of hyperacidity.

Similarly, if you are habitual of drinking alcohol, then along with doing damage to your liver, you are also giving invitation to the problem of hyperacidity. Also, heavy smoking is considered another common cause of hyperacidity.

What you eat and how you eat are some crucial factors that make or break your health. It has been found that people who indulge in prolonged intake of spicy, fried, and oily food suffer from the problem of hyperacidity.

Thus, you need to have a healthy diet and also eat your food on proper time. This is because people who are not particular about their food timings or those who tend to skip meals are more prone to hyperacidity.

Along with the above give causes, there is another important cause of hyperacidity and that is stress. Stress is one growing problem in today’s world and it is a prime cause for various health problems including hyperacidity. Thus, you must follow certain de-stressing techniques like meditation and breathing exercises to avoid the entry of stress in your life.

Thus, you must acquaint yourself with the above causes of hyperacidity so that you can take steps to prevent it.

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