Causes of Heart Attacks

There are numerous people dying everyday of heart attacks and unfortunately, deaths due to heart attacks are on a steady rise. Also, younger people are increasingly becoming vulnerable to heart problems.

Despite this, most of us are unaware of the factors and causes that can lead to a sudden seizure and failure of our heart. It’s time we move out of our comfort zone and enlighten ourselves of the various causes which can trigger this fatal attack.

In medical terms, coronary artery disease is a major factor leading to heart attacks. This is a condition in which plaque gets deposited on the inner walls of the arteries over a period of time and hampers the smooth functioning of the heart. When your artery gets clogged, there is reduced blood and oxygen supply to the heart, leading to its failure. Blood clots and spasms of coronary artery can also lead to heart attacks. Let’s look at the factors which cause these conditions.

As mentioned above plaque is a major factor which leads to blocking of arteries. But what is the source of plaque formation? Ask yourself and the diet you consume. An unhealthy lifestyle consisting of oily, fatty and spicy food coupled with a sedentary lifestyle serve as perfect ingredients for a heart failure. Fats and cholesterol block the arteries over a period of time, thereby restricting blood supply to heart muscles. Obesity and high blood pressure are other factors.

In addition to unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, factors like tobacco smoking, alcohol intake, and stress increase the risk of heart attacks. While smoking damages inner walls of the arteries, excessive drinking raises blood pressure. Also, stress, strain and nervous tension are a major cause of heart attacks. In fact, the stress and strain of today’s fast and competitive world is a major cause leading to increasing number of heart attacks. Thus, be aware of these dangerous causes to effectively prevent heart attacks.

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  • john hust

    Read Caldwell B. Esselstyn book on preventing and curing heart disease suggests not eating anything that had a mother, or had a face, or oils used in cooking of high oil vegetable such as avocados and oily nuts. It`s working for me but a friend suggests there is no correlation between high colesterol and heart problems . please advise