Causes of Hair Breakage

Are you tired of thinking about your weak and worn out hair? Does your hair often restrain you from making new and trendy hairstyles? If you are worried and frustrated with your breaking hair, then you first need to understand the causes of hair breakage before running after any solution.

Hair loss can be associated with hereditary reasons as it has been found that people with family history of weak hair can have the problem of hair loss. Hormonal imbalance and emotional factors like stress and tension are also major contributors in promoting the problem of hair breakage. Skin diseases can also affect the scalp and cause hair breakage and even permanent hair loss.

Along with physical factors, one’s mode of lifestyle also forms a major cause for weak and worn out hair. Women can face more problems of hair breakage due to the damage done by chemicals during the bleaching, coloring or perming of hair. Brushing of one’s hair for too long or in the wrong direction can also lead to the problem of hair breakage. Similarly, hair extensions and braids can lead to a damage of one’s hair. Hair breakage is also related to insufficient nutrients being provided to the body due to improper and unhealthy diet. It has been found that insufficient intake of iron in one’s diet can lead to thinning of one’s hair which in turn makes them susceptible to easy breakage. Similarly, protein malnutrition can cause alterations in hair coloring and texturing eventually leading to the problem of hair loss. If you suddenly decide to go in for a diet, then remember that diet which involves depriving oneself of essential nutrients can have an adverse effect on your hair.

The problem of hair breakage and hair loss is attributed to various reasons which include those of biological, psychological, physical and lifestyle related ones. Thus, one first needs to recognize the cause for one’s hair breakage before going in for any solution for it.

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