Causes of Fatigue


fatigue Do you often feel tired and devoid of energy? Many people suffer from the problem of fatigue where they often feel weak, drowsy, tired, and weary. There are many causes of fatigue which will be explained in this article.

If you are overstretching yourself and depriving yourself from your necessary sleep, then you are bound to get fatigued. Sleep is extremely important for living a healthy life and if you do not get adequate amount of sleep, then you will lack energy and feel tired and weak. Also, people suffering from sleep disorders like sleep apnea often suffer from the problem of fatigue.

You need to have a healthy and nutritious diet as lack of essential nutrients in the diet is also a reason for fatigue. For example, lack of iron in diet leads to anemia which in turn leads to fatigue and general weakness. Thus, unhealthy eating habits are one of the main causes of fatigue.

If you are taking loads of stress and tension, then you will suffer from a fatigued mind and body. Constant stress and anxiety is a prime cause of fatigue and it can also lead to depression and other psychological disorders.

Fatigue can also be an indicator of some underlying medical problem. This is because certain problems like under active thyroid, liver infections, low blood sugar, obesity, and others can be causes of fatigue. Heart problems and diabetes can also lead to fatigue. Thus, if you suffer from chronic fatigue, then you must get yourself checked.

Certain medications and excessive consumption of alcohol are other causes related with fatigue. After having looked at the various causes of fatigue, you can see that most of the causes can be prevented. Thus lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent fatigue and to remain fresh, energetic, and healthy.

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