Causes of Choking


choking Do you suddenly suffer from breathing difficulty and a sensation of blockage and suffocation? Choking is a problem whose symptoms can range from discomfort, breathing difficulty or a coughing fit to a severe effect which can even be fatal. Choking is a reference to a medical condition in which there is an obstruction in the flow of air to the lungs. There are various reasons that can lead to choking and this article will discuss such causes in detail.

Choking is a problem which is more common in small kids. This is because children have a tendency to put any foreign material they find in their mouth, which in turn increases the chances of choking.

However, many adults too can suffer from choking and here are the reasons for it.

Choking is most common while eating. This is because when food particles enter the windpipe, the person gets choked. It is thus advisable that one should avoid talking on the dinning table to reduce the chances of choking.

Also, with increasing pollution, the cases of choking are also increasing. This is because it has been found that when irritant gases and smoke enter the air passage, they tend to choke the person, leaving him gasping for breath.

Respiratory problems are also a cause for choking. Infections like severe tonsillitis and the swelling of the tissues of the throat can also lead to choking of a person.

Additionally, you should be careful while applying pressure on your windpipe as excessive pressure can lead to choking and even death due to strangling, something we all are familiar with.

Whatever be the cause of choking, it is imperative to seek immediate medical assistance as a choked person finds it difficult to breathe and if proper attention is not given, the result can often be fatal.

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  • is choking possible only because of tangible objects like food bits, foreign objects like marbles and smoke, or could excessive thoughts and unsaid words also lead to choking and subsequently to death?