Causes Of Blackout

Causes Of Blackout

Causes Of Blackout

Blackout refers to a condition in which a person suddenly suffers from loss of consciousness and faints. This episode usually lasts for a few seconds and a person regains consciousness after that. There are various factors that can lead to blackouts, right from cardiovascular problems to neurological or psychological ones. This article will look into the various causes of blackouts.

Cardiovascular problems like heart attack or stroke are some of the causes that can lead to a blackout. Impaired supply of blood to the brain, epilepsy, hypoxia, arrhythmia, cerebral hemorrhage, and head injuries are some other problems and causes that can lead to a blackout.

Heart Attack

Psychological factors like extreme stress, both physical and emotional can also lead to this problem. In addition, problems like Alzheimer’s, mental exhaustion, dementia, and even depression can lead to blackout episodes.


Blackouts are usually related with alcoholism. People who drink a lot often suffer from blackouts. Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration in the body and also lowers blood sugar, resulting in blackouts. In addition, it has been found that toxicity in the body caused by inhalation of poisonous fumes of chemicals and other factors like overdose of drugs can also lead to blackouts.

Alcohol Consumption

Blackouts vary in frequency as there are some people who suffer from only one blackout episode in their life while there are others who have frequent blackout episodes. Thus, it is necessary to get yourself thoroughly checked so as to identify the cause and take necessary action.

Effects In Brain

Blackout is an alarming event as it rings a warning bell for some underlying problem. The causes of blackouts can range from simple exhaustion to severe underlying medical problems like those related to the heart or brain. Thus, it is necessary that you do not take the episode of blackout lightly. Instead, visit a doctor and get timely treatment.