Causes of Appetite Loss


lossappetites There are many people who experience a sudden loss of appetite where-in they lose interest in eating food and often end up eating less than required. This in turn can lead to your body being deprived of the necessary nutrients, leading to weakness, fatigue and unhealthy weight loss.

This article will discuss the various causes of appetite loss so that one can understand the cause and take necessary timely action to overcome the problem.

In today’s world where looks and size is given paramount importance, people are trying all ways to reduce their weight.

This in turn has lead to the emergence of a medical problem termed as anorexia nervosa in which the person affected loses desire to eat. It is usually a psychological problem as people develop an aversion to food due to fear of getting fat.

Other medical problems like cancer, hypothyroidism, pneumonia, and even certain cancers like those of lung, liver, kidney and others can lead to appetite loss.

Appetite loss is one of the initial and common indication or symptom of cancer. Thus, if you experience sudden appetite loss, then you must get yourself thoroughly examined. Stomach problems and certain infections like cold and flu are also responsible for causing appetite loss.

Weather conditions too can affect the appetite of a person. It is usually observed that the appetite of a person goes down during hot and humid weather conditions.

There are also certain medications that can lead to a loss of appetite in many people. Thus, you must review your medicines to check if they are leading to food aversion or not.

Along with the above given causes, there are also certain lifestyle and psychological factors that can lead to appetite loss in a person. Stress tops the list as a person loses appetite when stressed and tensed. Similarly, depression too can lead to appetite loss in a person.

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