Causes of Aggression


Aggression Have you ever wondered why some people, children as well as adults, seem to carry an angry and aggressive approach towards life? It’s not that such people were pre-ordained to be aggressive.

It is just that there are certain social, emotional, and even biological factors that lead to some people becoming aggressive and even violent in nature.

Every person has his own way of dealing with obstacles and circumstances. Some people are calm and composed even in times of adversity while there are some who constantly seem to wear aggression and anger on their sleeves. This article will explore the various factors that lead to aggression in a person.

A person usually becomes aggressive when he has some unfulfilled needs and desires. It is not necessary that all dreams and desires of a person are fulfilled.

A person needs to accept reality and deal with life’s challenges in a positive and calm way. However, there are many people who become angry and aggressive when faced with adversity or when they experience prolonged episodes of excessive physical, emotional, or psychological stress.

Broken homes; broken or strained relationships; physical or emotional abuse; excessive stress and strain are some of the common factors that give birth to aggression.

Along with the above given causes, aggression can also result from some underlying medical problems. Iron deficiency and certain development disabilities like autism and behavioral problems like ADHD can lead to a child becoming aggressive and even violent in nature. Brain injuries too can lead to aggression.

In addition, it has been found that people who drink and smoke a lot can develop an aggressive and asocial behavior over a period of time.

Given above are some common causes of aggression. One must understand the cause of aggression to effectively prevent and overcome aggressive and violent behavior.

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