Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

Multiple births (MB) is a condition where more than one baby is born at the same delivery session. Such births are not very common and can be attributed to many reasons. The birth of a child is so joyful and if you find out that you are going to have more than one baby, your joy is doubled (or even tripled!). But having a multiple pregnancy can also put you in the high risk group of expectant mothers.

This is because a whole new set of complications can affect you if you have more than one baby growing inside you. It is important to be aware of the basic information about all types of multiple births that a woman can have.

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Types of MB

Here is list of the types of multiple births.


Having twins means you are going to have two babies together. Babies that are formed from one egg splitting into two are known as identical twins. Fraternal twins are those which are conceived as two eggs being fertilised by two sperms.


Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

These are births where more than two babies are born. These can be in multiples of three, four, five or even more. Anything more than triplets is exceptionally rare today.

Causes for MB

Such births usually have an existing reason for their occurrence.

Family history

The trait for having multiple pregnancies is passed down from one generation to the next. But this only happens in the maternal line. So if the mother had a direct female ancestor who also gave birth to multiples, your chances are pretty high as well.

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Fertility Treatments

Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

Many women are being treating for infertility with the help of medicines. These medicines tend to increase the chance of multiple conceptions. Some women have been known to have as many as 8 babies after such treatment.

Advanced Age

It has been seen that women over the age of 40 seem to have a higher chance of having multiple pregnancies than those who are younger.

Complications of MB

Here is a list of possible risks of a multiple pregnancy.

Premature Delivery

The risk of going into labour prematurely is very high in multiple births. This is why doctors keep such women under close observation after the 34th week. This may lead to the need for an emergency C-section or artificial rupture of membranes.

Low Birth Weight

Causes & Complications Of Multiple Births

It is very common for twins or triplets to be below the average birth weight. This may be because they need to share food and other resources in the womb and may not get as much as a single baby does.

Other Complications

Women carrying more than one baby are at a higher risk of having many pregnancy related complications. These include gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, placenta previa, hypertension etc. This does not mean that all such women will get these problems but that they are in high risk group where close medical attention needs to be paid to them. Such women will also need to make sure that their lifestyle is planned in such a way that none of these complications have a chance to occur.

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