Causes And Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy Getting pregnant is a wonderful experience for every woman but only if this happens at the right age and the right time. If a young girl who is in her teens becomes pregnant, the results can be devastating, as it causes a whole lot of issues for the girl, her family and the baby. She might have to face criticism, social and psychological pressure along with the obvious changes that her body undergoes after getting pregnant, which all combines together making life very difficult for the girl.

In healthy girls, the first menstrual period would normally occur between ages 12 and 13. The possibility of fertility is signified when this happens, only after which a girl can become pregnant. The rate at which teenage pregnancy occurs varies from country to country.

The reason behind it is that there is a difference in the kind of sexual activities involved, sex education that is imparted to girls and availability and affordability of contraceptive pills in each country which can influence teenage pregnancy to a great extent.

Causes of Teenage Pregnancy

Illiteracy, arrogance, poverty, peer-pressure and influence, high increase in rape cases, failed jurisdiction have been proven to be some of the major causes which can lead to teenage pregnancy. A teenage girl who gets pregnant can undergo severe traumatic changes which are otherwise unknown to many people.


There are a lot of dangers, challenges and after effects associated with teenage pregnancy, which takes away the innocence of a young girl, exposing her to a world of difficulties which can completely turn her life upside down.

Dreadful Effects of Teenage Pregnancy

When a teenage girl gets pregnant, it has a lot of dreadful effects on the girl as well as her family. Being in her teens, a girl is supposed to be studying and enjoying her childhood and here she is, pregnant and burdened with responsibilities and problems, losing her childhood forever.

What worsens the issue is when a girl might be forced to get pregnant, with little knowledge as to what is happening to her and what the consequences might be. The society shuns her and in many cases banishes her from the immediate surroundings, increasing the girl’s problems.

They fail to understand that the biological father of the baby should be equally punished, at times even more, than the girl who alone gets all the blame. This phase turns out to be full of emotional stress and tension for the girl as she is unable to approach people for help easily and seek the required medical attention that her body deserves.

It is quite possible that the teenage girl goes into depression which may last for a few weeks, months or years. Children born to very young parents have been found to be more prone to illness, mental disorders and abnormalities in general.

Hazards Associated with Teenage Pregnancy

There are a lot of hazards associated with teenage pregnancy which can prove risky for both the mother and child. If a teenage girl gives birth to a baby, the chances are more than likely that the baby will be born premature, that is much before the woman’s actual due date.

This can happen causing various types of medical complications for the newborn which may include difficulty in breathing, issues in digestion, mental disorders, weak eyesight and the most common of them all low-birth-weight because of which the baby can be put on a ventilator.

The mother may run the risk of getting high blood pressure along with the accumulation of extra protein in the urine which can result in her whole or some parts of the body swelling up. The to-be mother does not receive proper care during her pregnancy, which affects the baby’s development inside the womb.

Also, the young girl can go into depression after the delivery, which can have long term effects on the mother and she may not be able to take proper care of her new born child.

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Other Problems Accompanying Teenage Pregnancy

A teenage mother sees the end of her education and career on a permanent basis. If her education gets interrupted at the initial stages, it has a direct effect on her becoming unemployed for the rest of her life or earns very less amount of money. This results in a lot of financial problems for the mother.

Other Problems

The mother has to support not only herself but her new born too, who may need extra care, medications, various accessories and facilities which can be quite expensive. The problems increase even more if the mother is excluded for the society and has no one to turn to for help.

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancies are getting common by each passing year and we must unite to prevent this from happening. In most cases of such pregnancies, innocent little girls are exploited by men who for their selfish motives use these girls and disappear. The society and all of us as individuals can help in preventing all girls from suffering through such trauma by taking small initiatives starting at our house.

We must openly discuss sexual activities and its consequences with our adolescent children who need to understand the biological and mental effects they can face because of teenage pregnancy. Also the domestic help in our house should be educated and especially the girls should be sent to school where they can become aware of their surroundings and underlying possible threat.

Each parent must try to win their child’s trust so that they can talk to their parents about anything which makes them uncomfortable or threatens them. Often girls resort to sexual activities under peer-pressure. It is important for parents to keep a check on the immediate surroundings and friends group that the girl associates herself with.

Teenage pregnancy can not only ruin the young mother’s life but also the child’s life that has come into this world to face various difficulties with no fault of his own. As we all know that prevention is better than cure, we should all take the first step of safeguarding our children and imparting thorough knowledge to them about the problems and consequences of Teenage Pregnancy.