Cardio Exercises

Exercises help a great deal in the healthy growth of one’s body as they play an important role in keeping one’s heart healthy and happy. There are many types of cardio exercises which help in calorie burning and weight reduction thereby helping in achieving cardio fitness. Cardio training is broadly classified into two groups-“the slow and steady group” and the “high intensity group”. While the first group emphasizes on cardio exercises of low intensity for long duration, the latter has high intensity exercises lasting for a short interval which in turn helps in burning calories and revitalizing the metabolic system of the body.

Cardio exercises aim at keeping one’s heart healthy through the burning of calories to keep one’s weight in check. There are different types of cardio exercises like running, swimming, step aerobics, rock climbing and bicycling amongst others. Running is one of the best exercises which can take place anywhere and it helps in burning of serious calories. Running in fresh air not only helps in revitalizing one’s body, but also helps in building up of a beautiful bond with nature. Like running, bicycling too is an outdoor cardio exercise which uses the power of legs to increase endurance. People fond of water can indulge in the healthy activity of swimming which maintains health by involving the exercise of the entire body.

People are slowly becoming health conscious and this is evident by the blossoming business of health centers and gyms. The latest trend amongst youngsters is that of step aerobics which is an effective cardio exercise. For those people who are adventurous and fit, rock climbing serves as a good mode of exercise which not only helps in fat burning, but also increases one’s stamina and resistance thereby improving the efficiency of one’s heart. There are various other cardio exercises available like jumping rope, cross-country skiing and racquetball amongst others. These exercises can be taken up according to the likes of a person to attain a healthy heart and a healthy body.