Many British stars make the leap to Hollywood in the hope of becoming international celebrities – but the journey to Hollywood brought one pair of showbiz childhood friends back together again!

Scottish performers Elizabeth Adamczyk and Kirby Gillon attended Glasgow’s leading dance school together back in 2001, but far from being best of friends the girls actually started out as sworn enemies. “It was like the fame school” Elizabeth laughs “I was given one of Kirby’s solos in a showcase and that was it between the two of us!” Kirby is far more understanding about the situation now, “I would have done the same but at the time we hated each other!”

But 10 years on their lives have taken very different paths; Kirby went on to be a successful commercial dancer and Elizabeth a TV actress appearing in shows such as Holby City and Judge John Deed. But it was a chance meeting on the other side of the world that brought the girls back together and changed their friendship forever.

“I had made the move to Hollywood” Kirby explains “I was dancing for some really huge people including Pink, Busta Rhymes, Jennifer Lopez and Jay-Z and I was in a bar in LA when who should I bump into but Elizabeth!”

Elizabeth was equally as shocked, she had moved out to Hollywood to persue the elusive dream, although not so elusive for her, as within 8 months of arriving she found herself nominated for an LA Comedy Award for the hit web series “Divine White’s Introduction to Hollywood!” “I had moved out to Hollywoood not knowing anyone other than my boyfriend of 3 years when I spotted Kirby in a bar in LA! It was insane!”

And immediately the two were laughing about the stage school feud they used to have and they discovered they actually made better friends than enemies!  “We’ve been each other’s support system ever since!” Kirby says “It’s hard work out here, so to have someone from back home is so special, we’ve got this amazing bond – and no, there’s no competetition now!”

And no wonder, they two friends have carved out amazing careers for themselves here in LA, Kirby having just danced at the prestigious VMAs for superstar Neo (pictured) and completed a US tour with artist Dario and Elizabeth having filmed a string of successful short films and just landed her first feature film role to be shooting later this month! “And the best thing” Elizabeth says with a smile “is being able to share it with my best friend!”

Who’d have thought, eh? Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!