Breathing Exercises for Relaxation

In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, the levels of stress, strain and tension are mounting to dangerous levels. Remaining calm and relaxed is essential not only for a healthy self, but also to increase one’s concentration level which in turn would bring about better professional success. It has thus become necessary that every one takes out some time for oneself to indulge in some simple and effective meditative and breathing exercises to bring about a relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

Simple breathing exercises can have a vast effect in calming down a person thereby leading to lower levels of stress and strain. A calm and a relaxed mind is the best way to deal with any sort of complex or complicated problems. Thus, one can relax oneself through some muscle relaxation exercises and breathing techniques which can lead to the rejuvenation of one’s body and mind. The first requirement for performing relaxing breathing exercises is the need for calm and a quiet place where one can concentrate and merge with one’s inner self. It is always better to sit in an open and a natural or a well-ventilated area. Moreover, one should sit in a relaxed position, preferably straight with stretched arms which should be rested on the knees. Then one should inhale slowly through one’s nose and exhale through the mouth. This process should be performed slowly with concentration and can be repeated several times. As you breathe, you should let your abdomen expand outwards rather than raising your shoulders. This is a more natural way to breathe which slowly helps in relaxing your mind and body and also helps in merging your mind with your inner soul. In addition, one should make it a point that one concentrates on the rhythms of one’s breath and does not allow one’s mind to wander in worldly matters. Chanting of the universal “OM” can also be helpful in maintaining one’s attention and concentration only on one’s breathing and this can also help in gaining of spiritual solace.

By following some extremely simple but effective ways of breathing, one can bring about a relaxation of one’s body and mind which in turn can help in maintaining the overall well-being of a person by reducing the levels of stress and strain.