Breathing Exercises for Dealing with Anxiety

In the fast hustle and bustle of life, relaxing one’s mind and body is one of the pivotal requirements for healthy living. The levels of anxiety and tension have mounted to dangerous levels and thus, one needs to control them through natural means to prevent various ailments. Given below are some relaxation exercises which would help in natural lowering of the anxiety levels.

The best natural way of keeping stress and anxiety levels under control is by following some deep breathing exercises. Sit down in a comfortable position and most importantly, in a peaceful environment. Try to relieve your mind of all worries and tensions and focus on the principle of higher universal energy through regulated deep breathing. Just concentrate on your inhalation and exhalation so as to relax your body and mind. Breathing exercises are best performed in natural air in a clean, open and peaceful environment. This would not only help in relaxing your mind but would also help you to connect with nature and its healing powers. However, if you are unable to find any such place, then take a peaceful corner of your house, sit absolutely straight but in comfortable position and stretch your arms by resting them on your knees. Then, slowly concentrate and do meditation by stopping your mind from wandering into worldly matters. This time should be devoted exclusively to meditation without any interference. Start with slow and deep breathing and then gradually increase the pace and speed of your breathing. Concentrate only on the respiratory process of the body and you can then perform this same breathing exercise first from one nostril and then from another.

A daily half an hour of breathing exercise can also do wonders to your mind and body by reducing the anxiety levels so as to rejuvenate your inner self.