Breasts: Know These Facts About Your Finest Assets

Keep Your Breasts in Shape

Breasts are one of the finest assets of a woman’s body and many women do not know all there is to know about them. Here are a few ‘need to know’ facts about female breasts that you may not have heard of before.

You would have probably noticed your left breast to be bigger than your right. If you think this is abnormal, don’t worry. The left breast is always slightly bigger than the right and it would be extremely hard to notice the same due to the miniscule difference.

Many women warn of the repurcusions of sleeping face down. The common complaint is that the breasts get deflated and look limp with due course of time. However, contrary to this popular myth, the breasts don’t deflate but lose their shape.

What then would be the best position to sleep in you may ask? Well, the answer to that is to sleep on your side. Keep a pillow under your breasts for support. Alternatively, you can use creams and lotions on a regular basis to keep your breasts in shape.

How good are breast implants and how many women opt for the same? If these questions are nagging your mind, here are the answers. Breast implant surgeriess are very common nowadays and many women opt to go under the knife to spruce up their assets by atleast 2 cup sizes.

Studies have revealed that nearly 250000 women on an average opt for breast implants every year. Though most of them are happy with the result, some mishaps and accidents have left some women unsatisfied. About 6% of women always return for adjustments or removal.

Many women are under the impression that the bigger the breasts, the greater the cleavage. Make note that a woman’s breast size does not determine her cleavage. The cleavage for the most part depends on the shape of the breast.

Accordingly, two women may have the same breast size but different cleavages. Breasts which are rounder and fuller at the middle have better cleavages than pear shaped breasts. Again, breasts that are naturally set close to each other can show of a greater cleavage. A narrow body also helps in accentuating the cleavage.

Remember to wear sturdy bras when exercising. Exercises like running, skipping and aerobics can make the breasts sag and pain. Eventually, the breasts will lose their shape. Bras with molded cups and underwires help to keep your breasts stiff and firm while you exercise.

Sagging breasts can be corrected with the right exercise. The pectoral muscle in the chest plays a key role in managing the shape of the breasts and if you opt for exercises that focus on this part of the body, you can make your breasts perkier. Opt for regular pushups and chest press exercises to lift your breasts.

Examining your breasts for unusual bumps and swellings can be best done within a week after your periods finish. This is the time when your breasts are extremely tender and smooth. You can also opt to check the same with a qualified doctor.

Don’t think your breasts are safe behind that bikini top. There are very strong chances for your breasts to develop sun burns, wrinkles and brown spots even if you wear a bathing suit. The best way to protect your twin assets is to apply a good quality sun screen lotion over them as and when you head outside.

Make sure to choose a lotion that has a minimum SPF of 15 in addition to UVA and UVB protection features.

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