Breastfeeding Problems


breastfeedingproblems You must have often heard of the benefits of breastfeeding babies. It is the best way to ensure that your baby gets a healthy start in life. However, many women suffer from various kinds of breastfeeding problems that can make it difficult for them to breastfeed their babies. This article will talk about various breastfeeding problems and how you can overcome them.

A common complaint of many feeding women is that of sore nipples. If you have sore, cracked and even bleeding nipples, then it can be because of wrong breastfeeding position.

If your baby is not sucking the milk properly, then it can lead to your having sore nipples. In addition, not positioning your baby properly while breastfeeding him is another common cause of sore nipples. Thus, you must take care of these things to avoid being troubled by the problem of sore and cracked nipples.

There are times when you find your baby being underfed due to lack of adequate milk in your breasts. There are certain simple tips by which you can increase your milk supply.

These include application of some warm compression on your breasts prior to feeding and also pumping your breasts after feeding to stimulate the supply of milk. In addition, breastfeed your baby at frequent intervals.

There are also many women who complain of tender breasts that pain during the breastfeeding process. This can be due to ducts and lumps in the breast. You should avoid wearing tight bras to prevent this problem.

In addition, massage your sore area and use warm compression to naturally dissolve the lumps and decrease the pain associated with lumps in the breast.

Along with the above problems, another common complaint with breastfeeding women is that of white marks on their breasts. These are usually a result of your taking antibiotics. Application of anti-fungal creams can help you out but you must use them only after the doctor’s consultation.

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