Breastfeeding Diet To Improve Milk Secretion

Mother’s milk is nectar for the baby. It lays the foundation of a strong immune system and it strengthens the resistance power of the child.

Babies, who are breast fed for at 6-8 months, are stronger than bottle fed babies. Mother’ milk contains vitamins, calcium and proteins that are essential for a baby’s growth. It is easily digestible and it also strengthens the emotional bond between a mother and the child.

Most new mothers are concerned about sufficient lactation. Some women do not produce enough milk and they give up breast feeding the baby too soon.

Improve lactation

In Indian there are many dietary remedies to improve lactation; these food products have a profound effect on the health of mother and child. You can include certain food items in your post natal diet to improve milk secretion.

Breastfeeding Diet To Improve Milk Secretion

Cumin Seeds

Roast 125 grams cumin in pure ghee. Add 125 grams mishri to it. Take one tea spoon of this mixture with milk morning and evening. Boil 1/2 tea spoon cumin seeds in one litre water. Strain and drink this water during the day to improve milk secretion.


Fennel is cooling and cleansing. Its regular use in breast feeding diet helps to improve milk secretion. You can boil fennel seeds in water as mentioned for cumin or you can eat 1 teaspoon roasted fennel with your meals twice a day. Fennel also helps to digest food easily and it prevents constipation.

Breastfeeding Diet


Garlic is a useful food to improve milk secretion. It stimulates appetite and is strength giving. Fry 2-3 chopped garlic cloves in pure ghee, add ½ tea spoon chopped fresh coriander. Eat it with your meals two times a day.


Milk boosts lactation and it gives strength to the new mother. It is a necessary part of post natal diet as milk is a rich source of calcium, proteins, zinc and vitamins. A new mother should drink at least one litre of milk daily to improve milk secretion.

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Grapes are strength giving and it improves lactation. You should eat 100 grams of grapes everyday to boost milk secretion.

Breastfeeding diet


Drink 200 ml. of carrot juice daily to improve milk secretion. Carrot is a rich source of vitamin A and E and it helps in healing after a C section delivery.


Eat at least one medium sized onion in form of salad with your meals to improve milk secretion.


Make vegetable with raw papaya or add it to other vegetables to improve milk secretion. You can also eat full ripe papaya in breast feeding diet. Raw papaya helps to control diarrhoea and ripe papaya prevents constipation.

Breastfeeding Diet


Fenugreek is extremely useful in improving milk secretion. Its regular use helps to keep the body healthy and it is good for weight management too. You can eat fresh fenugreek leaves with your meals once a day.

Roast fenugreek seeds in pure ghee, grind it to make powder. Add crushed jaggery and eat 1 tea spoon with milk twice a day to improve lactation.

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