Breast Care Tips


Every woman is afraid of breast cancer. However, breast cancer and other breast related problems can easily be avoided if you take proper care of your breasts. This article will inform you about some important breast care tips that can keep your breasts healthy.

To begin with, avoid the problem of cracked nipples and dryness of breasts. This can be achieved by moisturizing the breast region. Massaging the breasts with some herbal cream will not only help in reducing dryness, but will also help in improving circulation and will thus keep your breasts naturally healthy and beautiful.

Along with using moisturizers, you should also avoid excessive use of soap on the breasts and nipples to avoid them from becoming dry and cracked. Instead, washing the breasts with plain water is beneficial.

Many women complain of the problem of sagging breasts. This is usually a result of lack of exercise. Regular exercise and physical activity helps in keeping your breasts firm and in shape. In addition, it is important that you wear proper brassiere to properly support your breasts and avoid them from becoming unshapely.

Regular examination of breasts is important to diagnose and treat any problem in time. During examination, if you find any lumps in your breasts or if you find some abnormalities in the shape or color of your nipples, then you must consult a doctor. However, it is not necessary that all the abnormalities in the breast region are an indication of some serious problem like that of breast cancer. These can be harmless changes too but it is always advisable to consult a doctor as soon as you notice abnormal changes in your breasts.

Pregnant and lactating mothers should take special care of their breasts. Usually, women who breastfeed complain of sore nipples. However, taking proper care of your breasts like preventing your breast region from becoming damp by keeping the nipples dry, clean, and hygienic can prevent you from the problem of sore and infected breasts.

Along with the above given tips, you should also follow proper positions while feeding your baby. This will help in preventing problems like pain in the breasts which is a common complain of breastfeeding mothers.

Follow the above given simple breast care tips to keep your breasts naturally healthy and beautiful.

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  • Juliet

    Thanks 4 d advice,but how can a sagging breast be restored into a youthful one

  • Anto

    Mythbusting: Shaving your armpits is not linked with breast cancer, hairy armpits may require shaving all the way to the sides of your breasts, that’s normal and has no side efffects.
    And not wearing bras does not cause sagging. Sagging just depends on relaxing of the epidermis, inner structure of breast and the breast ligament that looses down, the only thing bra can do is keeping up the breast and gently (sometimes not at all, too bad) squeezing your breast in a particular shape and has no positive role in the atrophy of its ligament.