Black Lips Causes and Treatment


blacklip Black may be beautiful, but black lips are neither beautiful nor healthy. Beautiful lips are stereotypically characterized by fuller lips that are moist and pink in color, not those which are dark and dry.

This article will talk about dark lips, its causes and ways by which it can be naturally treated at home.

People who smoke a lot are usually the ones with black lips. Apart from smoking, other causes of black lips include allergic reaction to cosmetics, high intake of caffeine and even excessive exposure to sun.

In addition, dryness of lips is another important factor that can cause the lips to turn black or extremely dark in color.

The best way to naturally treat the problem of black lips is by eliminating the cause that leads to this problem. Avoid smoking as it not only hampers the beauty of your lips but also leads to various other health complications.

Similarly, avoid sun exposure by using lip balm with SPF protection. You must thus try to find out the cause behind your dark lips and then take necessary preventive and remediation steps.

Let’s now look at some natural home remedies that can help you get rid of black lips. Mix glycerin and honey and apply that paste on your lips. This will lighten your lips color and will also make it naturally soft and supple. Applying a mixture of lemon and honey on lips is also beneficial for the natural treatment of black lips.

To prevent darkening of lips because of dryness, you must keep your lips moisturized. This can be achieved by applying petroleum jelly on your lips. You should also drink plenty of water to naturally moisturize your lips.

Along with the above given tips, you need to nourish your body with a well balanced diet which is rich in important nutrients like Vitamins A and E amongst others.

Follow the above given tips to prevent and naturally treat discoloration and darkening of lips.

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