If you make your way down Robertson in West Hollywood, side step the paparazzi and head just past Louboutin, hidden away in a quaint little courtyard is what I have discovered to be the best lash extension salon in all of WeHo! And that’s not a claim I take lightly! Never have I been so regularly complimented on my lashes as I have done following my appointment with Beverly Hills Lashes, and I put that down to their technique of layering for a fuller, yet more natural look (as opposed to creating a “strip lash” effect in one precise row.) Beverly Hills Lashes

I was welcomed within this beautifully serene boutique salon by Gloria Ting, lash technician to Royalty and Hollywood Royalty alike! She knows a thing or two about glamour having been a model herself over the years for Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior to name a few, so I was in very safe hands!

The treatment took around two hours…I say “around” as I was made to feel so relaxed and comfortable in the snuggly treatment bed that I nodded off several times! (Something I was assured was a regular occurrence and not to be embarrassed about!) And it was as if by magic that I should fall asleep with undefined eyes and wake up with a full set of striking, semi permanent lashes. Beverly Hills Lashes Of course you get to chose the look you want in advance, with the help and advice of your technician. Personally I wanted the most dramatic look I could get away with on a day-to-day basis without shedding the lashes too soon, or running the risk of looking like a Kardashian.

One month after my treatment I am pleased to report that aside from some inevitable shedding, I still have a fully intact set of lashes that I’ve not needed to top up yet or help along with mascara. I expect to get at least another 2-3 weeks out of the current set and so am mighty impressed with not only the result and effects but the durability!

Beverly Hills Lashes gets an all round 5 stars from me! Beverly Hills Lashes

642 1/2 NORTH ROBERTSON BLVD.WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA 90069 (310)500-0551