Best Exfoliating Tips For The Face & Body


Exfoliation The skin has to face challenges everyday. Age, weather, makeup, sun exposure and several other factors cause problems in your skin, leading to rough, unhealthy and ruddy skin. There is a multitude of beauty products that claim to battle out this issue. But believe it or not, the best, most effective and easiest method of having a soft, healthy and clean skin is to exfoliate it regularly.

Remember that you should not give all the attention to your face only. Exfoliation should be done on your entire body, including your rough feet and ashy knees or elbows. Here are some tips that will help you in exfoliating your face and body in the best possible manner:

Tips And Techniques

First of all, you should brush your dry skin before turning on the shower. Use plastic exfoliating gloves, body exfoliating brush or loofah to scrub your body. Start with the soles of your feet and work up. Enter the shower or bath and dampen your body. Exfoliating products that contain sea salt, sugar or oatmeal are considered to be the best and most effective ones.

Apply the exfoliating cleanser on your body and scrub with it with gentle circular movements. If this product is too harsh for you, prefer using washcloth for a mild exfoliation. Give special attention to rough spots like heels, knuckles, feet, knees or elbows, and scrub them with a pumice stick or stone. Do not forget to apply a body moisturizer at least once in a day.

Most people give a full body scrub to themselves, but they neglect skin of their bums. You must know that skin of your bums is prone to blackheads and spots if left unattended. You should use bath mitts for gently exfoliating the skin around your buttock area while taking a bath or shower once per week.

Choosing The Right Exfoliating Product


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Some exfoliating products can be more abrasive and rough than others. If you have a sensitive skin, choose least abrasive ones and use least friction while applying it. Remember that face is more sensitive than any other part of your body. Therefore, body scrubs should not be used on face. Exfoliation helps in removing top layer of your dead skin cells, leaving a drier skin behind. Therefore, do not forget to moisturize the body parts that you have exfoliated. This will leave your skin moisturized and baby soft.

Blood vessels under the skin are tiny and easily breakable. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the exfoliating product gently and never overdo it. One good tip is to always choose a natural and gentle exfoliating product containing natural grains. Avoid using products containing abrasive synthetic components. Look out for products that have natural ingredients and add them into your regular skin care routine.

Exfoliating your face and body will not only remove dead cells from your skin, but will also boost your blood circulation and unclog your pores, thus making your skin smoother, fresher, brighter and softer. It will also accelerate growth of new skin cells, which are softer and fresher than the old ones.

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