Benefits of Video Games for Children


videogame As a parent, we often get tensed and worried when we see our children spending a lot of time playing video games. Parents consider this activity as a waste of time and one which can adversely affect the eyesight of a child.

While there is no denying the fact that one should not allow children to spend endless hours on video games, it is also true that video games can prove beneficial. Surprising but true, there have been various benefits that have been associated with playing video games. This article will throw light on such benefits.

Video games can help in improving the eye hand coordination of the child. It brings about an improvement in the motor skills of a child and it is for this reason that medical science is looking at the importance of video games.

Children who play video games have a much active and a sharper brain as video games tend to tickle the grey cells of a child, forcing him into analytical, logical, and linear thinking.  In addition, there are various games that help a child in developing social skills and even language and communication skills.

According to research, children who are fond of playing video games are more creative and responsive than their counterparts. In addition, such children develop an interest for technology and graphics from an early stage.

Along with the above given benefits, video games also help in distracting a child’s mind from sadness, grief, boredom and also from any pain or injury which he might be suffering.

After looking at the above given benefits, one can say that video games can be beneficial for the overall growth of a child. However, one such ensure that a child does not spend more than required time on video games as excess of anything is harmful.

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  • This is a very interesting topic. Parents mostly find these video games to be bad for their children and constantly make efforts to woo them away from the games. However, what they need to do is moderate the amount of time spent in playing games, rather than putting an end to the gaming time altogether. This is because, if played in moderation, video games can offer a number of benefits to the players. Thanks for this article. 🙂