Benefits Of Orange Peel

Benefits Of Orange Peel

Benefits Of Orange Peel

Most of us have the orange pulp and throw away its peel. However, an orange peel has various uses and benefits and is widely used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Read below and find out how an orange peel can help in enhancing your skin and your overall health.

Many beauty products contain orange peel as an ingredient. Orange peels helps in naturally cleansing the face along with helping in preventing pimples and acne.

Preventing Pimples And Acne

They have beneficial antioxidants that help in preventing your skin from premature aging and wrinkling. Thus, an orange peel face mask helps in providing a natural glow and radiance on your skin. You can also make a powder of dry orange peels and add it to your bathing water. Take a bath with this water and you’ll find your skin glowing naturally.  Orange peel is also beneficial for your overall health as it helps in lowering your cholesterol levels.

Preventing Wrinkling

This is because, according to research, there is a compound, polymethoxylated flavones, present in citric fruits peel which helps in reducing the levels of LDL in the body. Along with helping in lowering cholesterol, the extract of orange peel also helps in providing relief from digestion related problems like acidity, heartburns, and others. In addition, the various nutrients and antioxidants found in orange peels help in naturally boosting one’s immunity and overall health.

Relief From Digestion

Orange peels have many household uses too. Due to their strong aroma, they can be used as a scent and a deodorizer. In addition, they can also be used as a mosquito repellant, helping in protecting your skin from mosquito bites. Along with the above given benefits, orange peels can also be used to make a variety of dishes, especially desserts. As shown above, orange peels have various benefits and instead of just throwing away the peel, one should leverage its cosmetic and medicinal properties.

Orange Peels used in Dishes


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