Benefits of Oil Massage for Hair


Don’t we all desire a nice, warm oil massage when tired, stressed or simply exhausted? Did you know that along with helping you overcome your tiredness, oil massage can be beneficial for your hair as well as for your overall health? Hot oil massage can produce a number of benefits ranging from complete relaxation to proper hair texture. Given below are some benefits which a regular 10 minute oil massage can reap for you.

A hot oil massage on the scalp helps in improving blood circulation in the head and neck area. This helps in relaxing the scalp along with strengthening the roots of the hair. With strengthened hair roots and nourished hair-shafts, your new hair growth would be enhanced. If you have tangled, rough hair, you can naturally make them soft, shiny and manageable through regular oil massage. Moreover, it naturally makes your hair shiny and vibrant without the need for cosmetic products. Dry, damaged hair or one with a number of split ends can be naturally treated with this massage therapy. Moreover, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, dead skin flakes and other various conditions can be avoided to a great extent. If you want to look younger, then oil massage can help you out as it slows down the graying process of hair keeping them black for a longer duration. You can flaunt your naturally healthy hair and along with that, you get an added advantage of increased alertness and concentration. This is because oil contains various proteins and minerals which aid in making the mind active and alert. Also, if you suffer from insomnia or any sleep problem, then a hot oil massage can be beneficial in enabling you to a sound and healthy sleep.

There are numerous benefits of oil massage and they are particularly beneficial for the natural health of your hair. You can do a hot oil massage at home itself and it just takes about 10 minutes to naturally possess healthy hair and alert mind.

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