Benefits of infant massage


Certainly infant massage is a great pleasurable way to interact with your baby. Your baby needs your gentle touch and your massage provides him or her with number of health benefits. With a good massage you can easily calm a crying or fussy baby, as well as relive gas, reduce colic, improve the blood circulation of your baby. Massage also helps in stimulating your baby’s immunity system plus enhances the neurological development of your baby. It also tones his or her muscles in a very effective way. Massage also promotes parent-infant bonding and allows parents to synchronize their body rhythms with those of their baby.

When massaging, choose a quite and relaxed location where you and your baby can be free from any sort of distraction. Make sure you choose a place where you both are comfortable. Keep the room warm because you need to take out your baby’s clothes for massaging. If you want, you can play a soft music behind. The addition of soft music helps to create a calming, pleasurable atmosphere. Prefer soft and dimmed lightening in comparison to bright lights. The use of an unscented, edible light vegetable or nut oil, such as almond, sunflower, will reduce the fiction between your hands and your baby’s skin. Make sure your touch is gentle yet firm while massaging. Your baby’s smiles, coos, and wiggling will let you know that it feels good to him.

Any crying, grimacing or stiffening would signal that you are hurting him or her and your baby is not enjoying it. So keep your hands soft and relaxed and move them in smooth and flowing manner while giving body massage to your baby.

So whenever, you plan out to give a warm massage to your baby, make sure you keep the above points in your mind to make it a pleasurable experience.

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