Benefits Of Including Eggs In Diet


Considered as a powerhouse of nutrition, eggs inclusion in one’s diet can add up to the nutritional and health value of the food one eats. They are packed with various nutrients like proteins, vitamins A, D, E and B along with minerals like iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Due to their rich array of nutrients, eggs are considered as a must-eat for the attainment of healthy body and mind.

Eggs are considered as one of the main sources of protein. The B vitamins present in it perform various vital functions of the body. While vitamin B2 helps in the releasing of energy in the body, vitamin B12 aids in normal blood formation. Similarly, eggs are a good source of vitamin D which aids in bone health through the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. The list of essential vitamins in eggs do not end here as they contain Vitamin A needed for normal growth and development; and also vitamin E which is needed by the body to protect the damage caused by free radicals. According to a recent research, eggs supply significant amounts of cartenoids to the body which are needed to shield the body from various diseases. These anti-oxidants help in the prevention of muscular degeneration thereby lowering the risk of blindness in the elderly.

Along with important vitamins and anti-oxidants, eggs are rich in important minerals which help in maintaining the optimum health of a person. While phosphorus present in it helps in formation of healthy teeth and bones, iron helps in preventing anemia and zinc is needed for the optimum functioning of the immune system. Eggs are thus classified as ‘functional foods’ as along with meeting basic nutritional needs of the body, they provide extra physiological benefits.

With so many added advantages, including eggs in one’s diet is the sure shot recipe of living a healthy and a disease-free life.

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