Benefits of Flossing


Flossing is an important part of dental hygiene. It forms an important part of tooth-cleansing process as it breaks up and removes plaque from between the teeth and gum line to prevent bacterial infections. According to dentists, plain and simple brushing alone is insufficient in providing total dental protection since brushing alone without flossing constitutes only about 60% of the cleaning process. Given below are reasons why you should make flossing a part of daily hygiene regime.

Regular flossing of teeth has various benefits. It helps in preventing tooth decay, gum disease, bacterial infection and also guards against bad breath along with ensuring the overall health and cleanliness of our teeth. Usually some large as well as small particles of food remain stuck in between the teeth. Flossing helps in their removal and thus eradicates one of the major cause of gum diseases. American Dental Association recommends flossing as a part of good oral hygiene regimen for removal of plaque from tooth surfaces so as to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Moreover, bacteria not only attack the stuck food in your mouth, but also weaken the attachment of your teeth to your bone. Thus, regular flossing helps in removing food particles and plaque thereby preventing you from having falling or weak teeth. It also reduces and almost treats the problem of bleeding gums. They also help in polishing tooth surfaces along with helping you have a much better breath. Thus, if you have the problem of bad breath, eliminate that with the help of regular flossing.

To sum it up, following the healthy path of regular flossing will aid you in preventing tooth decay, keeping breath fresh, preventing gum bleeding and bacterial infections eventually leading to stronger and whiter teeth for a healthy smile.

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