Being a Vegetarian

There has been a resurgent interest in vegetarianism these days and contrary to prevalent belief which accorded a vegetarian diet as an insufficient one, it has now been found that it is nutritionally adequate and also provides health benefits in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. A large body of scientific studies has shown that a consumption of a vegetarian diet consisting of whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and fruits can lead to lower blood cholesterol level, lower blood pressure, less obesity and thus a healthy and a fit life.

The major worry which haunted vegetarians was that their body would not get adequate amount of proteins which are generally found in eggs, meat, poultry and fish. However, proteins are made up of amino acids which can be found in varying amounts in plant foods like nuts, seeds and soy products.

Thus, one needs to eat a variety of plant foods to ensure one gets enough of all he nine essential amino acids. In addition, vegetarians should eat large amount of iron-rich foods like dry beans and green vegetables as iron in plant foods is not that easily absorbed as iron from meat is absorbed by the body. However, eating a diet rich in vitamin C can boost up the absorption of iron in one’s body.

A vegetarian diet helps in cutting down the risk of contracting illnesses such as: obesity, heart disease, asthma, diabetes and osteoporosis. In addition, it has been found that it helps in improving the immune system of one’s body which in turn helps in the effective protection against cold, flu and other contagious diseases.

A major report by World Cancer Research Fund claimed that a vegetarian diet helps in reducing the risk of cancer as it has been found that plant food and herbs contain a host of cancer protective phytochemicals like cartenoids and flavonoids.

Thus, being a veggie is the new health motto of everyone as it can eventually lead to a healthy and a happy living. However, one should ensure one eats a nutritious and a well balanced diet which includes all the vitamins and health supplements required for the smooth functioning of the body.

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