Beauty and Motherhood


motherhoodbeauty Being a mom does not mean you should stop taking care of your body and looks. You surely have seen the snaps of all those celebrities with a kid or two.

Get inspired by those females and be a smart good-looking mom. Of course your body dimensions may not be the same as those before giving a birth.

With just a bit of effort but more of mental attitude you sure can be a fashionable and pleasing mom to everyone, be it within or outside the family. This is how to go ahead with it:


Do you ever realize that one factor that attributes most to your looking that way is your hairstyle?

Don’t give yourself that look of a tired woman. Take charge of yourself and the first step in that direction to get that smart look is your hairstyle. Spare a few minutes for yourself before going to bed and invest a bit in some of the much-needed accessories. Rest will fall in line soon.


Get rid of your ill-fitting jeans and tops. Just discard them. Search the net or visit a store to try out new styles that suit your changed personality and make you look trimmer. That is the most essential part of your dress to get that wow looks.


Now you should be able to guess the next item of your dress. Yes, it’s your jacket that makes or mars your look of being a hot mom.

Be intelligent and learn to camouflage the limitations of your newly acquired structure. A perfectly fitting shirt definitely needs a jacket with a smart cut.

Get it tailored to your changed dimensions if you find it difficult to get the same from a store, though that shouldn’t be difficult.

Look for some small tricks to distract others from those telltale signs of weight gain. Again, make use of the net.


Don’t ever avoid make up. Instead, exploit your make up material to give you that natural complexion without any flaw.

Many a times you will find it difficult to have time for that but go for those essentials to get a fresher look. It helps you to remain confident and look desirable.


Make use of those accessories to highlight the positive aspects of your anatomy, they may be your feet or eyes.