Basic Beauty Tips


beautytips How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror and desire to have a prettier face, a brighter and a glowing face? Most of us have the desire of looking pretty and beautiful and when we are unable to meet our desire,we often curse the Almighty for having provided us with a not-so-pretty face. However, your beauty lies in your hands and it is up to you to make your skin naturally healthy and beautiful.

We all undertake the wild search for beauty products and secrets. But the most basic and simple secret towards a beautiful skin is by re-connecting with nature. That is to say, instead of undertaking a wild chase of artificial beauty products, explore nature’s simple phenomenon of becoming naturally beautiful.

First of all, for a beautiful skin, you need a healthy and a well balanced diet which provides your body and skin with all the essential nutrients. Vitamins E and C are particularly beneficial for your skin and help in preventing premature wrinkling and sagging of skin. Similarly, food items rich in essential fatty acids and certain items like almonds and papaya have found to be extremely beneficial for attaining a naturally healthy, glowing, and a radiant skin.

Diet and exercise are like twins who help you in attaining a healthy body and skin. Thus, when we have talked of diet, let’s shift our focus to exercise. Make exercise a habit and this habit will yield you loads of benefits, both in terms of health and beauty.

Along with the above given basic tips, there are also other beauty tips for you. Never sleep with your makeup on and also include cleansing, exfoliating and, moisturizing your skin as a part of your skin care.

Additionally, take care of your skin from UV rays and protect it through application of sunscreen lotion.

Follow the above given tips for becoming beautiful naturally.


  • thanks for the tips.they’re very useful. would also appreciate some advice on how to get rid of scars.

  • reshma

    i want to look preety and beautiful give me some tips regarding to this
    i wanna become height n loose my weight with in 2 days plzzzz give reasons for dis